really love this quote.

When I pause to meditate on it deeper, I find inspiration awaiting me in that quiet space.

“Knowledge, skill, and desire are all within our control.”  This is so true, and such a purposeful level of awareness to cultivate for ourselves.

We can control our knowledge.  We can choose what to let in and what to filter out.  We can choose to read, enrol in courses, study, learn, and expand in almost any way we could possibly imagine.  We can purposely show up to increase our knowledge, knowing that knowledge precipitates experience and that by expanding knowledge, we expand what we experience around us and how we interpret those experiences.  Simply by purposely diversifying our knowledge, we can diversify our direct experience of life.

We can control our skill.  We can choose where to spend our time and whether or not to consistently practice a certain skill, action, or endeavour.  We can choose to show up, give it our all, and keep working at things that bring us joy.  We can increase our abilities, our endurance, and our proficiency.  This is true with all things – from physical, tangible things like increasing muscle strength so we can do x amount of push ups, to more subtle, ethereal things like increasing the amount of time we can keep our minds still in meditation.  Simply by purposely devoting ourselves to becoming skilled at something, we can deepen our relationship with anything we feel called to develop.

We can control our desire.  This one might be a bit more complex to wrap one’s head around than the first two, but that’s okay.  Desire is a powerful, motivating force… but it can also become a two-edged sword if we let ourselves become so consumed with desire that we cling to it as the only means of feeding our sense of peace, happiness, and satisfaction in life.  This requires a deeper sense of self-awareness to stay purposeful with.

Is there a desire in your life that is over-powering everything else?  Are you determined to stay where you are (stuck, annoyed, frustrated, pent up, hopeless, sad, bored, fatigued, etc.) until you attract/create/manifest that desire?  The best question to ask yourself is this… how do my desires make me feel? Do I feel energized and inspired?  Or stuck and dissatisfied?  If it’s the latter, it’s a sign that desire is taking more control of you, than you are of it.

So remember… knowledge, skill, and desire are all within YOUR control!  What does that inspire you to do today?  How can you show up to help yourself expand in one or more of these areas?

If you’re not sure… pop on to my schedule and let’s figure that out together.