Mindful Movement

Mindful movement classes are a beautiful combination of yoga, strengthening, and rehabilitative & functional movement.

With over a decade of experience working with bodies that experience chronic pain, muscular or skeletal imbalances, and range of motion limitations, my mindful movement classes are customized for the individual to help you learn how to move and support your body from whatever level you may be starting at, to whatever future goal you can envision for yourself.

Everybody’s body is different. It’s shaped differently. It moves differently. And there is always a way to support the body regardless of what the challenge presented may be. There is always progress to be made; you’ve just got to get the right formula put together for yourself.

These mindful movement classes will help you:

  • create a deeper mind-body connection
  • decrease pain and increase range of motion
  • bring balance to muscular systems and re-align the skeletal system
  • impact the mind and emotions through connection to the body
  • know what tools and techniques you can use to shift when the body shows up in a less favourable way

In these classes, I focus on three core foundations:

Hatha, Vinyasa, & Restorative Yoga

Rehabilitative & Functional Movement

Pilates, Calisthenics, & Strength Training

Together we will integrate a variety of techniques and approaches to design the best plan to move forward with that supports where your body is at today while honouring the goals you have in heart and in mind for yourself.

We can also design combination classes which integrate sound bath and relaxation as the cool-down following our movement.

These classes are perfect for you if…

  • you experience chronic pain due to injury, issues from birth, or illness
  • you manage a physical issue such as scoliosis, slipped disc, chondromalacia patellae, shin splints, forward neck syndrom, etc.
  • your range of motion is limited in ways that prevent you from fully enjoying your body and activities
  • you want to get into shape or hit a certain physical target
  • you desire greater strength and endurance

** Mindful Movement Class Requriements:

  • an up-to-date computer, microphone, and video camera
  • enough space for our classes so that I can see the majority of your body on screen throughout our class
  • a decent internet connection

Let's Connect!

$125 CAD per class.

Each class is recorded and the high-res replay will be sent after the class so you can enjoy your custom class any time you like!

Limited spots available.  Please contact directly to discuss booking a session.

Please email hello@peacelovenow.ca with questions or for help.

* Payments forms accepted include PayPal and E-Transfer. *

** All payments are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. **

Want to chat about what's right for you?

Book a free consultation appointment so we can get to know each other and see if what I do is right for you!

These consultations are held in a private and secure online video conference room,
so you will need a computer or smart phone, a video camera and mic, and a decent internet connection
to participate in this call and any future work we do together.

You are unique and so are your body’s needs. Together we can hone in on those needs and
get you started on a path geared towards long-term success!

Peace Love Now is a project and concept developed by Briana Boldin, a Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Expert who specialises in shifting the state of our bodies, minds, and souls through conscious eating, relaxation techniques, functional movement, and self-mastery disciplines.

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