The Ultimate Salad Guide

I never thought I’d be the type of girl who LOVED salads… I just had to learn how to make them well!

I’ve created a simple 7-step guide that will help you create delicious salads that eat like a meal.

You can mix-and-match the elements to create endless combinations and varieties;  it’s a great way to use up veg and fruit that may be begging to be put into something before they go off!

I grew up thinking that I hated salad.

Slicing some tomatoes on top of greens and tossing it all in vinegar and salt somehow didn’t do it for me as a kid (and still doesn’t)

Through my exploration of food and making clean choices when eating out, I started to discover this wonderful world of seriously delicious and nutritionally-dense salads and it blew my mind…

I’m so excited to share my salad guide with you!

This is a step-by-step blueprint to help you create wildly delicious salads with endless flavour, nutrient, and texture combinations.

My friends and family ask me to bring these salads to every single get-together.

Yours will, too.