Sound Bath & Relaxation

I fell in love with sound healing when I discovered it’s incredible power at helping my being to release into relaxation on every layer:
physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

Mantra is one of my favourite expressions of healing and immersing one self into a specific vibration that we have very purposefully and consciously selected for ourselves. Sufi master Vilayat Inayat Khan wisely said:

“The practice of mantra actually kneads the flesh of the body with sound. The delicate cells of the elaborate bundle of nerves are subjected to a constant hammering, a seizure of the flesh by the vibrations of divine sound.”

I also grew up loving music, and teaching myself to play as many instruments as I could get my hands on.

In my own healing journey, I started to attend sound baths and drumming circles. The feeling was incredible. The release was so profound. I wanted to learn more and share these wonderful sensations with others!

Sound bath and relaxation sessions are wonderful tools for:

  • creating more peacefulness in your body, mind, and environment
  • generating energy and inspiration
  • shifting perspective and expanding understanding
  • creating more alignment between your true desires and your self-awareness & choices
  • help to manage anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and illness

I create customized sound bath & relaxation sessions using a combination of several elements:

Crystal bowls, singing bowls, Buddha bells,
drums, rain sticks

Mantra and Singing

Yoga Nidra and Progressive Muscle Relaxation

These sessions are perfect for you if…

  • you have a difficult time relaxing and/or sleeping, and want to be able to release into deep physical, mental, and emotional peace
  • you manage chronic pain or chronic illness
  • you find it hard to sit in stillness and be alone with your thoughts
  • you feel disconnected, out of whack, confused, lost, or alone
  • you are ready to surrender to the limitless peace and love available in every moment of the now

Let's Connect!

$75 CAD per session.

Limited spots available.  Please contact directly to discuss booking a session.

Please email with questions or for help.

* Payments forms accepted include PayPal and E-Transfer. *

** All payments are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. **

Want to chat about what's right for you?

Book a free consultation appointment so we can get to know each other and see if what I do is right for you!

These consultations are held in a private and secure online video conference room,
so you will need a computer or smart phone, a video camera and mic, and a decent internet connection
to participate in this call and any future work we do together.

You are unique and so are your body’s needs. Together we can hone in on those needs and
get you started on a path geared towards long-term success!

Peace Love Now is a project and concept developed by Briana Boldin, a Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Expert who specialises in shifting the state of our bodies, minds, and souls through conscious eating, relaxation techniques, functional movement, and self-mastery disciplines.

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