Abundance is rooted in trust.

Trust is rooted in love.

Trusting in both ourselves and the abundance of the universe as we navigate our growth personally, professionally, and socially is one of the ultimate forms of self-love that I’ve ever experienced or taught.

This quote comes from a card in the stunning Animal Kin oracle deck from the incredible @wilderoracle and it’s something I’ve held so close to my heart this past year as I move forward in complete love and trust in the things which feel aligned to me, while gently letting go of the things that no longer resonate… and letting go of any of the fear that creeps up anytime I make these new, uncomfortable movements.

There are so many examples of fearless leaders, creators, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and others who step forward in faith and trust, and achieve all they set out to do and so much more… why not you, too?!

These individuals trusted the process. They didn’t fear taking risks or stepping into new, uncomfortable territory. They didn’t let the ‘what ifs’ stop them.

I deeply desired aligning with that energy, and keeping these words close to my heart and mind has helped me make steps in that direction… slowly developing a deeper relationship with both love and trust, especially towards myself ❤

Are you having trouble trusting the process? Let’s connect so I can hold space for you to get a strong foundation in both clarity and perspective to move forward with.